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» Aviation Law:
Aviation law is the branch of law related to the operation and manufacture of airplanes and the exploration and use of outer space.

Aviation law is federal in nature. States are generally prohibited from regulating aviation.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which is an agency of the U.S. Department of Transportation, is the government agency that regulates civil aviation in the U.S. The FAA applies and interprets various federal statutes relating to aviation. It also enforces these aviation laws. This involves inspecting aircraft, registering aircraft, and issuing pilots licenses.

As a practical matter, aviation law addresses a number of issues relating to commercial airlines. These issues include locations of airports and flight paths, noise and other environmental pollution, and damages caused by aircraft and airplane crashes.

Aviation law also involves space law, which is the law relating to the exploration and use of outer space. Outer space is generally the area beyond the Earth's atmosphere. As with aviation law, space law is a relatively new area of law with growing importance.

Aircraft manufacturers, mechanics, and businesses, such as airlines, and their employees are all impacted by aviation laws. Many satellite, communication, and high technology companies are also impacted by aviation laws.

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