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» Landlord/Tenant Law:
Landlord/tenant law is the branch of law for the rental or lease of real property -- usually houses, apartments, or commercial buildings.

Landlord-tenant law addresses various issues, such as violations of community ordinances by tenants or their visitors, the right to sublease and assign the lease, and damage to property and security deposits. Landlord-tenant law also addresses evictions, unpaid rent, and who is responsible for damage to personal property and persons.

Landlord-tenant law is often governed by the terms of rental or lease agreements. The rent or lease agreement often spell out many of the rights and obligations of the landlord and tenant. State and local law fills in any gaps in the terms in the agreement. In addition, state and local law may expressly overrule certain terms of the lease.

The landlord or tenant may resolve disputes by bringing an action in the court where the real estate is located. Some local governments have created administrative bodies that address landlord-tenant disputes.

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