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Someone is slandering me how can I get it to stop?
My ex employer is non stop slandering me to the clientele and to other business owners in our small community. Saying such things as I am back on drugs and that more...

Landlord liable for death due to fall
My 21 year old son fell from the roof of a house that his friend rents. He died from his injuries. The fall was his fault/accident, he should not have been up more...

Medical malpractice for plastic surgery
Three years ago I had a plastic surgery procedure. The doctor was rushed in the procedure and he did not spend enough time to do it right. My nose is now notice more...

I hit a bicyclist and was found not at fault
I was traveling to work when a young boy on a bicycle swerved out of the bike lane into the middle of the road and I hit him. The speed limit was 45 mph and I w more...

Landlord or management company responsible for injury
If I sprained my wrist opening a side door on a dumpster (that jammed) in a mobile home park that has made it mandatory for all of us to use, after the manageme more...

Rear-ended by an uninsured driver
I was driving today on the highway and was stopped at red light behind other cars, and the car behind me started going and bumped my bumper from behind. All it more...

Water balloon damages BMW
I threw a water balloon off a four story balcony and it landed on this girls BMW car hood, chipping a little paint and leaving a 1 square circle dent in the cen more...

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