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» Recent Bankruptcy Law Legal Questions and Answers:

Attorney keeping deposit illegally
My wife and I gave an attorney a $1100 deposit to file bankruptcy for us. Since giving him the deposit I started having really bad problems with the eyes an th more...

Legality of lender asserting original balance
Can the lender assert all the balance on the original note if home owner files chapter 13 four years later after having file chapter 7? more...

Does filing quit claim deed affect bankruptcy
I filed a quit claim deed to my husband three months ago. My health is not good. I am thinking about filing bankruptcy. Will this be considered fraud? Also, more...

Timin question re tax refund and bankruptcy
I need to file BK, but the money I had gathered the bank took a portion of it to cover a debt in a separate account. I didn't know they could do this, but guess more...

Getting clear title to car after payoff
Is it legal for a credit union to refuse to sign off on an auto title if the auto was paid off? What if there is a chance I may have to file for bankruptcy in more...

Being removed from a bankruptcy stay by business to proceed with personal i
I am trying to obtain the name of the insurance company that covers [name omitted] LLC in California. I have a personal injury claim pending against [name omitt more...

Apartment collection while in bankruptcy
I rented an apartment from a company and then filed bankruptcy. They were included in the bankruptcy. I rented another apartment while still in bankruptcy. M more...

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