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» Recent Probate Law Legal Questions and Answers:

Assignment of POA with no will
My dad passed away and did not leave a will. He has 2 wives, one of 50 yrs never divorced and one for 8 yrs so who has POA here? more...

Husband stole inheritance check
My Mother passed away and I am the only beneficiary. My spouse took the benefit check to the bank and deposited the check in his account that is in his name onl more...

Wrongly informed of inheritance
I was not told that I was the remainderman to a life estate of my great aunt who died in 1989 until 2010. I am a junior and my father is a senior. The law fir more...

Honor sisters last wish
My sister lived two doors away from me and she died two weeks ago but since Sept. 2011 she has told friends and family that her youngest son has used her, stole more...

Contesting will and codicil
My uncle passed away Nov. 10 2011. I received a codicil to his will that was republished and dated 11/12/2007 and subscribe to this codicil and undersigned on more...

Steps to claim inheritance
I am investigating/researching inheritance funds. To receive mine I must first pay a $1,500 tax and transfer fee, that is before it will show in my bank accoun more...

Sale of a property in probate
I am an executor of an estate in which the probate has been opened for 15 yrs. I have a buyer for a commercial property that is in the estate and I am wondering more...

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