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Forced closure of auto loan
I just found out by accident that the bank closed my auto loan account even though I still owe them less than a $1000. Can they still repossess my car? Don't th more...

Bank account information security
In my husbands divorce last year it was known that his ex-wife stole his last 6 paychecks totaling approximately $4800. Going through some old papers we found more...

Mortgage company mistakes company check
A check made out to Mortgage Company A was mistakenly included in other checks sent to Mortgage Company B. Citizens Bank attempted to retrieve the check but com more...

Remedy when car company debits my checking account early
Last Friday I contacted the company that I pay my car payment thru and set up a payment to be debited from my checking account for this Friday. I called today more...

Paying a bank for a bounced check
I cashed a check for $3,000. The bank held it for ten days and gave me the cash. The check bounced. Now the bank wants me to pay it back. What do I do? more...

Business account versus private account
Is it legal to combine a business account and a private (residential) account and refuse service if one is paid off and the other is up to date? more...

Aunt forged checks on my great aunts checking account
I was a joint owner on a checking account with my great aunt. During the last three weeks of my great aunt's life another aunt forged $10,000 in checks to hers more...

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