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» Recent Traffic Law Legal Questions and Answers:

Appearance for reckless driving
I have a reckless driving ticket 2009. I went to get my liscense and had to call to see what I need to do. I was told that its a mandatory appearance to take ca more...

Revocation for DWI out-of-state
Does Texas have the right to cancel my drivers license in 2003 because of a DWI conviction in North Carolina in 1991? I was released on 5 different occasions t more...

Fighting a speeding citation
I want to contest a speeding citation. I am outraged by the demands of Dixie Co. attorneys. How do I do this? more...

Court enters nonappearance by mistake
I was cited in LA for 82 in 65. I live in a different state, NOT IN CA. Sent TIMELY TRIAL BY DECLARATION, NO APPEARANCE, pleaded NOT GUILTY, with bail included. more...

Police gave social security number
A few days ago I was in a car accident. The investigating officer wrote up reports and gave them out to myself and to the person I hit. When I came home, I noti more...


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