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» Recent Insurance Law Legal Questions and Answers:

Insurance company issued two party check
My truck was hit by another driver. I took my truck for estimate of damages. The claim was settled, but, because my truck was not paid off at the time the ins more...

Company disclosure of my information
I have a life insurance policy and the company continues to mix my policy up with another couple. I contacted the company and they were suppose to correct the p more...

Insurance compnay repair shops fail to repair
I have a question about Auto Insurance and getting my claim handled. About three months ago my car was broken into. It is a 91 in good condition worth around more...

Insurance company will not pay for car wreck
I was in a parking lot. When I was leaving, a young lady back into my car doing several thousand dollars of damage. The police ruled her fault. My insurance more...

Can receptionist be liable for insurance fraud
I currently work for an orthodontist that is charging the insurance company and patient's for things that are incorrect. I want to know if I would be in trouble more...

Pay for information about someone who is lying
If I know that someone is lying about a case, where the same person is suing a company. And that person is likely to win the case. Would the company pay a per more...

Brother did not list beneficiary of life insurance and the company cannot f
My twenty seven-year old brother passed away five months ago and didn't list a beneficiary on his life insurance policy. I assumed that his life insurance woul more...

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