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What are our options regarding buying out my share of home before legal own
My father passed away and left the home to my mom, who is in late/final stage of Alzheimer's. My sister & I paid off the mortgage with dad's insurance money and more...

Would a will I made in the my country of origin be valid here if I have a g
I am Indian Citizen with a green Card in U.S. I am married and have a son (U.S citizen by virtue of being born in U.S) I am considering making a WILL. Would the more...

Texas court regognizing Illinois judgment
My two minor children didn't receive final disbursement from will. Their money was sent to heirs that had already received money. Those heirs notified of error more...

Unpaid debt from estate owed to family members
Dad died in 1998, and Mom died last year. The eldest brother in our family of six siblings had been named executor of the will. Twenty years prior my Father all more...

Questions about a living trust
Please explain if a living trust bypasses probate and taxes, and can be directed by my executor. more...

Probate and state or federal inheritance taxes
My estate (outside of a Roth IRA) consists of $60,000, but may be as much as $400,000 in the future. I have a will that was written by a Mexican attorney. It more...

Inheritance when will exists but not produced
In 1990 my father passed away. He left a will with my aunt to execute. She never produced the will so none of my siblings, including myself, knows what was left more...

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