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what are my rights as to the movie rights and leaving the company?
A few other people and myself created an LLC and created a documentary about my life story in which the film title bears my name. We never had an agreement dr more...

Establishing beneficiary rights to songs
My father died eleven years ago without an estate and left no will. Recently, a I learned that a music publishing company is selling his works (he was a musi more...

Is stolen xbox live account identity theft
To anyone replying to this, please read my other question. This is my second question that has updated information from the first question. From my first qu more...

Rights when Microsoft xbox 360 live account stolen
This is a question about an online account that I created and have worked hard to develop. Xbox 360 is a video game console. My online account (aka xbox li more...

Referral service for the new DTV converter boxes
I am planning on opening a referral service business for techs to install the new DTV converter boxes next year. Questions: 1. As the prime contractor more...

What are my options for a employee of a newspaper publishing a false classi
An employee of a newspaper recently posted a false classified ad that I found to be offensive and they used my phone number. As a result, I received numerous ca more...

Age records for adult websites
Adult websites are required to verify and keep records of the models ages. Can anyone ask the custodian of records for age verification? Do they have to respond more...

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