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Illegal search on school grounds
Today in school my 6th grader got called to see the principle after lunch she made them all hold up there arms as if they were being arrested and searched them, more...

Refund refused by school
I recently finished my degree at Corllins University. Then I found out that they were not a school recognized by the department of education like they said the more...

Refund if school just up and moved
I attended [a college] in woburn, ma last year and, under contract, I signed up. I attended under their media program for two semesters and at the end of the se more...

Child missing out on education due to behavior
I have a child who is has been put into a corner for nearly two months now. He says that he misbehaves in class and the teacher puts him in the corner where he more...

Paying for study abroad trip when I didn't return the paperwork
I am a student at Georgia Tech. I applied for a position on a study abroad trip. I was accepted and I was sent paperwork to confirm my spot on the trip. I deci more...

School district confiscating a child's cell phone
Is it legal for a school district to take a child's cell phone and charge the parent to get it back? Also, does that give them the right to read text messages t more...

Student struck by teacher
My 14-yr-old sister was hit in the head 3-4 times by a teacher on a class trip. She was admittedly "horsing around;" however, the blows to the head were severe more...

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