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Violation of due process
After DUI arrest I was held in the "tank" to supposedly wait to be called before a judge according to the booking officers. I was never called and never saw a j more...

Would having a new license in a new state preclude me from having the manda
In order to get my license released from Wa state, I had to get a breathalyzer installed in my car in CA. Now that I have a driver's license in CA do I still ne more...

My under age daughter has a DUI charge how can we make sure her rights are
My daughter is a juvenile. She received a DUI the other night. Her breathalyzer test showed .097 and they drew blood. (.08 is the legal limit for ND) If the blo more...

How long do the police have to file an underage drinking citation
My son's friend is on parole and was stopped last night and given a breathalyzer. He was then allowed to leave and was never given a citation or ticket. The pol more...

Fail to appear for trial due to not being notified of it
My husband was found guilty of DWI. He had to go to trial. His lawyer didn’t tell him the day for the trial, so he didn’t go. Now they can arrest him. H more...

Drunkenness charge for being parked in a vehicle
Can a person be charged with "drunkenness" in a parked vehicle in a parking lot? If so, what can they do to reduce their fine other than show up in court? Wil more...

How to handle DUI when I wasn't charged with DUI
I was the driver in a rollover accident. I was in a company pickup coming home from work. The truck was destroyed. I was injured, but the injuries were not l more...


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