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» Recent Collections Law Legal Questions and Answers:

Ganishment without permission
Can your employer garnish your wage without your knowledge or letting you know who has requested garnishment of your wages? more...

Repossess car for insurance that is current
I have a car that was repossessed last for failing to provide insurance. Insurance was reinstated on the car, but dealer still will not release. The car insuran more...

Attempting collection of old debt
I just received a call from an attorney office stating I owed the local housing agency $3,905.60. I told them this had to be a mistake and so I called the hous more...

Extending payment program options
I received a phone call from a collection agency about a credit card debit from 4 years ago. I agreed to a payment plan and made a payment of one hundred dolla more...

Collection harrasment and threats
I am being harassed by a company who says I took out a pay day loan in 2007 in the amount of $300. I have never heard of this company and stated I would need to more...

Lowering amount of garnishment
I just found out that 25% of my wages are being garnished for credit card debt. I can claim head of household, so I should only be garnished 10%. How do I do th more...

Ramifications of uncollected collateral
I have defaulted on a motorcycle loan. The bank says that I have until the end of the month to come up with $2000 which I do not have and then it will charge of more...

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