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» Recent Child Custody Legal Questions and Answers:

Rights of guardianship
We have had custody of our grandchildren for last 8 years due to parents being in and out of prison and they would not cooperate with Bureau Children's Services more...

Modification of custody order
I am attempting to find out what, if any, relief can be requested in the following situation. Listed below is a brief summery of the details pertaining to the c more...

Legal gaurdianship and support
Can a person in Florida, who does not have legal custody of a child, be granted child support? more...

How to file a petition with the court
I do not have an existing case so I need to file a petition with the court to open a child custody case and I do not know the procedure to do this. How do I do more...

False accusations of abuse
If a parent of a minor child who is 16 years old, makes false allegations of rape or sexual abuse of their minor child and it is proved that the parent is lying more...

Giving up parental rights
My stepson's father has not seen or paid child support in over six months even though he is supposed to have mandatory supervised visitation. My question is how more...

Parental rights without orders
I have recently moved to a better job. My 9 year daughter stayed with her dad but wants to move with me. Her dad has said that she cannot move and is now contro more...

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