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setting up a 501(c)(3) but getting feedback from the IRS how can we change
We have an S corporation that teaches middle school children. Many of the schools that want our program cannot afford it so we submitted an application to the more...

we don't believe we owe back taxes to state but how do we resolve this??
My husband was stationed in MO for eight years. He and I both still reside in the state and have recently been sent letters from the state of Missouri about bac more...

1st Time Home Buyer Tax Credit
I purchased a home last year around this time but I still have not sent in the required documents for the 1st time home buyers 8,000.00 credit because I don't u more...

Are church members entiled to building fund money
The board of our church fired the pastor a few months ago for no apparent reason. 20 members plus 30 non-members (including the trustees) left the church in sup more...

Purchasing a home between years
I am purchasing a house. I am looking to take money from a rollover IRA. The problem I’m finding is with the P&S I have to write a check to put in escrow now more...

Correcting tax ID number for non-profit civic club
As treasurer of our local Garden Club I received a letter from the bank our club uses, stating that the tax ID number on file (for many years) does not match ou more...

Being audited when I borrowed from a 401k
I didn't know borrowing on 401k was taxable income. H&R Block didn't tell me. Three years later I am getting an audit. Are they at fault or am I? more...

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