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Rights as 30% owner of LLC
I am 30% owner of Delaware LLC. I have worked for 2 years on start up company for no pay in return for 30% ownership. The other 70% is held by one person. T more...

Changing a name of LLC
I have an LLC and an IEN associated with the LLC. I am being advised to change the name of the LLC as it does not represent the services I offer. What is the be more...

LLC manager acting inappropriate
I have not received any information regarding an LCC of which I am a member since it was established in November 2006. Letters have been sent to the operating more...

Payment for broken contract
I am the director of a non profit organization in Missouri. I sign a contract with a fundraising person who lived in Illinois. I supposed to pay the person $500 more...

Property being used by a business
On behalf my father I'm trying to negotiate a settlement with a company that has use of property that belongs to him. He has a contract stating that it belongs more...

Former employee opened a competeing company with product similar to mine do
I have an employee that resigned a few months ago. They have started a business that is selling very similar product to mine competing directly against me in t more...

Partnership may go south what are my options?
I have a contract signed by my "boyfriend/partner and myself and the seller that says I am 50% owner to a business which I operate along with a hired employee. more...

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