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» Recent Landlord/Tenant Law Legal Questions and Answers:

Lease agreement restraining order
I subleased a room and found out my roommate is commiting hud fraud by not disclosing that i live and pay rent in the unit. she asked me to leave, since i have more...

Evicting a tenant for not reporting mold
Can a landlord evict me for not reporting mold that I have been trying to control on my own? I am mentally ill and live on disability. My managers have come int more...

Eviction record for condemned house
My family and I were evicted from a house in April of this year in Indiana. We refused to pay the rent because the landlord would not fix a preexisting raw se more...

Retail exclusivity clause broken by landlord
We own a specialty toy store and have an exclusivity clause in our lease that states the landlord cannot lease to any business whose primary business is the sal more...

How do I object a eviction
My landlord has given me a verbal eviction notice for no reason. The house would not stand up to code if the city was called out. I want my back rent of 5 month more...

Landlord refuses deposit refund
I advised the lady that is in charge of the rent a week before I moved out that I wanted my deposit back since I was going to move out by may 1, 2012. But then more...

Landlord refusal to fix things
My husband and I have been renting a house for eleven years now. We always pay the rent and take good care of the property. Over the years, we have told the ow more...

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