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» Recent Family Law Legal Questions and Answers:

Cost of filing full temporary custody
How much does it cost to file for full temporary custody of one child? more...

Fugitive pregnant teen got married
My step-daughter got pregnant at the age of 14 in in Arkansas, had the baby and then moved to Utah. She is now 15, pregnant a second time by an 18 yr old that h more...

Voluntary name change
My daughter has my last name hyphenated with her fathers last name. What is the process to drop her fathers last name so that she is left with only mine? more...

Petition for Name Change
I reside in GA but was born in LA. I have two spelling errors on my birth certificate. My first name has a U instead of a V and my middle name has a N instead o more...

Emancipation due to pregnancy
I'm 16 years-old and my boyfriend its 28. I'm pregnant by him. Can I still go live with him even if my parents won't allow me to? Can't I be emancipated? more...

Deadbeat dad not providing support
My ex-husband was court ordered to pay a certain percentage of medical bills in addition to child support for our 3 children. The percentage has changed over th more...

Notarized power of attorney
Does the General Power of attorney need to be notarized or is just having two witnesses sign it sufficient? more...

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