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Getting personal property back
If loaning someone your property and that person will not return property, then turns around and sells that property to another individual, what steps may I tak more...

Liability for defects to car after sale
I sold my car last week to a private buyer for cash. He has since called me back and threatened legal action in small claims court for mechanical issues that he more...

How to get husbands impounded car
My husband is in jail. His car was impounded on a 30 day hold. I am not on the registration. What do I need to get into the car to clean it out, and what do I n more...

Legality of unsigned bar tab
If I opened a tab at a bar and forgot to close it out and noticed after the actual charge a tip was added and I never signed anything, can I sue? more...

Unlawful towing of vehicle
I have a vehicle that is financed. I was up to date with my payments. The dealer towed it then returned it 20 hours later on the banks expense. They told me more...

Options regarding poor service
We stayed at a hotel that our friends paid for and their friends work for the chain so we got a deal. During the stay we had brown water which we didn't notice more...

Refunding Craigslist sale
I sold a crib through Craigslist 5 months ago and buyer just now claims missing parts. We gave all known parts to buyer at time of sale. Buyer is requesting r more...


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