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Oil & Gas Tax: Profits & Expenses

The oil and gas industry is complex. This complexity is reflected in the tax laws impacting oil and gas transactions. This leaves one wondering how to report and pay tax on oil profits and expenses. The land or mineral owner generally recives a royalty and possibly lease bonus and delay rental payments. He must recognize […]

Take Advantage of the R&D Tax Credit

The research tax credit (R&D tax credit) is one of the most overlooked, and yet, most beneficial tax incentives out there today. This article explains what qualifies for the credit and how to benefit from the credit.

Payroll Tax Troubles: Employment Taxes Gone Bad

Payroll tax disputes can destroy a business and have a disastrous effect on business owner’s personal finances. This article will provide a general discussion of the typical payroll tax controversy and some tips on how to address payroll disputes.

Settle Tax Debts Due to Economy

This is a scary time for many of us. The news is awash in talk of a recession, the housing crisis, and volatility of the financial markets. At the same time, the costs for gas and food are on the rise and many Americans have lost their jobs. Taxpayers who have unpaid tax debts may […]

US International Tax Reporting Forms

U.S. persons are usually required to report to the IRS payments made to foreign persons. There are a number of IRS Forms that are used for this purpose. Some of these forms include the following:

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