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Bankruptcy Court Procedures

We previously considered questions you should consider before you file bankruptcy. In this article, we explain the bankruptcy procedures that apply after you file for bankruptcy.

How to Discharge Taxes in Bankruptcy

The reasons why taxpayers have unpaid tax debts is as varied as the ways that taxpayers earn their incomes. For some, the tax debts result from under-withholding by an employer. For others, tax debts result from not having taxes withheld from income due to the taxpayer being employed as an independent contractor. In many cases, […]

Common Bankruptcy and Debt Collection Definitions

We last considered the questions that each individual must reflect on before they file bankruptcy. In addition to these pre-bankruptcy considerations, debtors should also understand a few definitions for some of the common bankruptcy terms. Here are a few of these bankruptcy definitions

Questions to Consider Before Filing Bankruptcy

The decision to file bankruptcy is a serious one. Here is a list of a few of the considerations one must take into account in deciding whether to file bankruptcy

Chapter Eleven: Business Bankruptcy

Chapter Eleven bankruptcy is often referred to as a reorganization, because it involves restructuring contractual and debt arrangements.

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